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  • Weekends or 8:45am next business day appointment! 

  • Late Night Toothache

  • Early Morning Relief!

  • We are here for You 24 hours a day. 

Call 561-306-4528


Having been in the dental field for over 30 years, I know getting a dentist to see you on a Sunday is an extremely difficult find.  Others, make promises  to get you to an emergency dentist on a weekend but the REALITY is, it's NOT going to Happen with THEM.    

     Dentist-911 will  get you an appointment at 8:45 a.m. the next day or same day 99% of the time.


We recognize the importance of a client-centered medical experience, which inspires us to create strong and long-lasting bonds with each of our dentists and clients . It’s a privilege to serve the community of South Florida by providing quality medical attention through our local dentists. 

Our Large Dentist base are multilingual.  We Have Spanish speaking Dentists, German speaking Dentists, French speaking Dentists, Italian speaking Dentists, Portuguese speaking Dentists, and Creole speaking Dentists.

For a dental emergency near you, call our 24 hour dentist referral specialist and we will refer you to a prescreened local dental emergency dentist the same day or next morning.


Dentist-911 LLC